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A plea to record sellers and buyers:

There is currently an enormous amount of material on the market for which artists are not being compensated. Such material may be in the form of outright bootlegs manufactured without the artists’ knowledge or approval, or material for which record makers, without explanation, simply refuse to pay agreed royalties. Even your company may, without its knowledge, have such material in its record bins. We hope that you will become part of the growing movement which seeks to protect the rights of artists and legitimate record companies as well as consumers’ right to know they are receiving the highest quality product available. In certain instances it may be difficult to distinguish legitimate product from inferior quality bootlegs or from record companies which have consistently failed to pay royalties and thereby deprive artists of their livelihood. To assist you in your effort to eliminate such product from the marketplace, we have included a list of Mingus recordings which we believe fit the above description.

Thank you for your support,

Sue Mingus

Addendum: Because of the ease of CD duplication and Internet distribution, there are now so many unauthorized CDs that keeping track of them would be an impossible mission. Instead please use the links to legitimate CD reissues on the official discography. Thank you! This list of unauthorized recordings is by no means comprehensive, and I welcome any corrections or additions.

This list of unauthorized recordings is by no means comprehensive, and I welcome any corrections or additions.

The following are LPs, some of which may now be available as CDs.
For a list of CDs click here.

Label and Number Title Recording and Issue Dates
Unique Jazz UJ 23 Mingus Sextet: Live in Europe
Alto Records AL 714 Vital Savage Horizons
Quintessence Jazz Series (Pickwick Records) QJ-25171 Soul Fusion 1978
Session Disk 118 Hooray for Charles Mingus
Trip Records (Springboard Int’l Records)
Mingus Moods
Unique Jazz UJ 20 Mingus Quintet Meets Cat Anderson
Jazz Tone J-1226 Jazz Experiment
Jubilee Records JLP 1054 Mingus Three
Affinity Release (Charly) AFF 135 Abstractions Recd’d 12/54 NYC
Charlie Mingus Cecil Taylor
Burning Desire Records
The Charles Mingus Memorial Album
European Tour 1977
Musica Jazz
2 MJP 1067
Charles Mingus
Live at Birdland 1962
BYG Records (Toho) YX-7009
Charles Mingus Live with Eric Dolphy Recd’d Live 7/13/60 Antibes
Everest Records Productions FS-235 Charles Mingus
Upfront Records (Springboard) UPF-180 Minor Intrusions
Quintessence Jazz Series
(Pickwick Records)
Mexican Moods Recorded July August 1957
Trip Records (Springboard International Records)
Trio & Sextet
Trip Records
Mingus Revisited
Originally Pre-Bird, this is a reissue of Mercury’s release
SJL 1113s
Jazz Workshop
Recd in Hackensack, NJ 10/31/54 and 1/30/55
Affinity (Charly) AFF 19 Charles Mingus Live
Antibes 7/13/60
Jazz Legacy (Vogue P.I.P)VG 405
JL 81
The Wild Bass
Affinity Release AFF86 Charles Mingus Sextet
East Coasting
Recd’d 8/57 NYC
Unique Jazz
UJ 007-8
Mingus in Stuttgart
4/28/64 Concert

The following are CDs.

Label and Number Title Recording and Issue Dates
Accord 556562 Pithycanthropus Erectus(sic) Released 08/15/95
Affinity See Charly *
Aurophon AU3600 *
Band Stand BDCD1530 Parkeriana Released 12/27/94
Band Stand (Base Records) BDCD1524 Meditations on Integration Rec’d Scand. in 1964
Charly CD19 New York Sketchbook issd 1986
Charly CD AFF 778 Charles Mingus Live Antibes 1960
Charly Records/Affinity Release CD AFF 750 Abstractions issd 89 in France, recd 1954 NY
Charly Records/Affinity Release CD PRO1 The Message Compilation issd 1990
Charly Records LE JAZZ CD 19 Paris 1964 issd 1993
Charly Records LE JAZZ CD 38 Paris 1964, Vol.2 issd 1993
DA Music CCD79042 Mysterious Blues Recd Nola 1960, issd1989 Phonoco International, Ltd
DA Music CCD79026 Reincarnation of a Lovebird *
Denon DC8565 With Orchestra Released 07/28/94
Drive Archive 41023 Intrusions Released 06/13/94
Eclipse 7875-64074-2 Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 1997
Esoldun-INA FCD 110 Live in Paris-Vol. 2 4/18/64 at Salle Wagram, Paris, issd 1988
Esoldun-INA FCD 134 Live in Chateauvallon recd 8/22/72, issd 1989
Four Star 40040 Fables of Faubas (sic) Released 05/26/93
Frequenz 044-011(CDJAZZ/SIAE) Charles Mingus Released 05/26/93
Fresh Sound Records FSRCD81, FSRCD62 Mingus Three recd 1957, issd 1989
JAZ307 Live in Oslo ’64 *
Jazz Hour (Qualiton)JHR-75316 Goodbye Pork Pie Hat Released 05/25/95
Jazz Time 64036 Goodbye Pork Pie Hat *
Jazzview JAZZV-44CD Fables of Faubus *
Landscape (LS2-905) Charles Mingus Sextet
Live in Copenhagen 1964
issd 1991
Landscape (LS2-913) Charles Mingus Sextet
Live in Oslo 1964 – Vol.1
issd 1992
Landscape (LS2-919) Charles Mingus Sextet
Live in Oslo 1964 – Vol.2
issd 1992
Le Jazz 17862-38 Vol. 2-Paris 1967 Released 02/14/95
Le Jazz See also Charly *
Moon Records MCD-016-2 Astral Weeks Copenhagen 1964 (issd1990)
Moon Records Moon 78 Orange 1964 tour
Moon Records MCD064-2 Stormy & Funky Blues Released 04/19/95
Music Club MCL 50004 In a Soulful Mood Released 1996
Music Club MCCD201 In a Soulful Mood-Gold Released 1996
Musidisc/Accord 556562 Pithycanthropus Erectus(sic) Released 08/15/95
Musidisc 500072/MU 763 The Great Concert, Paris 1964 Released 10/17/95
Period Records
Fresh Sound Records SPL 1107-11 FSR-CD-62
Jazzical Moods recd Dec 1954, issd 1989
Royal Jazz RJD 518 Mingus in Oslo Recd in Stockholm, not Oslo
ROIR 5343-2102-2 Meditation *
Telarchive CD-83318 Lionel Hampton & Friends
Rare Recordings, Vol. 1
West Wind/One World Records WW2060 Mingus Dynasty at Bottom Line Recd 1979
Who’s Who In Jazz 21005-4 His Final Work:Lionel Hampton Presents Music of Charles Mingus Released 06/23/94

Other signs of unauthorized copies include misspelled song titles, Danny instead of Dannie Richmond, misspellings of Jaki Byard, Cliff instead of Clifford Jordan, and especially Charlie rather than Charles Mingus. Many live recordings are also bootlegs.