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Television & Movies Using Mingus Music

Click here for a 9 minute video compilation of recent films, television programs and commercials that have featured Mingus music.

Film: Jerry Maguire (Haitian Fight Song)
Commercial: Saatchi & Saatchi (Moanin')
Film: U Turn (II B.S.)
Commercial: Calvin Klein (Canon)
Film: Stations Of The Elevated (Canon)
Film: Absolute Beginners (Boogie Stop Shuffle)
TV: The Cosby Mysteries (Fables Of Faubus)
Film: Thrane's Method (Charles playing bass)
Film: Mo' Better Blues (Goodbye Pork Pie Hat)
TV: Saturday Night Live (Boogie Stop Shuffle)

Volkswagen (TV ad) (1:00)
Haitian Fight Song

National Post (Canadian TV ad) (:30)
Better Get Hit in Your Soul

Comedian (Jerry Seinfeld film) (1:31)
Hora Decubitus aka E's Flat, Ah's Flat Too

Mingus Orchestra at Fez, NYC, Fall 2004

Eclipse (2:04) - Freddie Bryant's guitar takes the ensemble into the introduction, which is followed by a bassoon solo by Michael Rabinowitz.

Don't Be Afraid, The Clown's Afraid Too (2:21) - Alex Sipiagin's trumpet leads the band into the opening of this rowdy crowd favorite.

Todo Modo (1:08) - The piece draws to a close with a flute cadenza from Craig Handy.

Charles Mingus (1:46) - Mingus playing his bass, 1968

Don't Let It Happen Here (1:00) - Charles and Sue seen in 1968, while on the soundtrack, Mingus reads some important words

Video clips from Mingus Big Band performances from around the world

Concert Sampler (6:20, .mov) - The Mingus Big Band plays compositions from the new album I Am Three, in addition to some of their regular repertory.

Trombone Clinic (6:08, .mov) - Mingus Big Band members Ron Westray, Earl McIntyre, and Ku-umba Frank Lacy lead a trombone clinic in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Love Is A Dangerous Necessity (1:06) - The Mingus Big Band leads off with a selection from their most recent record, Tonight At Noon, at the 2002 Vienne Jazz Festival in France.

Baby Take A Chance With Me (3:40)
- Ku-umba Frank Lacy shines with a soulful vocal in this full-length clip from Vienne 2002. Features Mike Sim on baritone sax and Jaleel Shaw on alto.

Invisible Lady (1:17) - Also from Vienne, trombonist Conrad Herwig is featured in this clip.

Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting (3:21)
- featuring a roaring trombone solo from Ku-umba Frank Lacy, the Mingus Big Band performing at a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden in December of 2000.

The Mingus Big Band at the 1998 Umbria Jazz Festival: Orvieto, Italy
Boogie Stop Shuffle (1:06)
- ending
Diane/Alice's Wonderland (3:40)
- featuring a piano solo by Kenny Drew Jr.

Moanin' (2:09) - Ronnie Cuber's baritone sax leads the Mingus Big Band into the Moanin' Mambo coda, at the 1997 Free Jazz Festival in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Fables Of Faubus (1:06) - an excerpt from the Pori Jazz Festival in Finland, 1995.

Nostalgia In Times Square (:59) - an excerpt from the Vitoria Jazz Festival in Spain, 1995.

Jump Monk (1:15) - The Mingus Big Band running through the head of Jump Monk at the Vienne Jazz Festival, 1994.

John Stubblefield (:24) - Sax player with the Big Band, John talks briefly here about playing Mingus music.

Pinky (1:11)
- Conductor Gunther Schuller in rehearsal with the Mingus Big Band at Fez, as seen through Sue Mingus's video camera.

Video clips from EPITAPH

Main Score, Part 1 (3:07)
- an excerpt from the 1989 premiere in New York; this historic clip features John Handy taking a lead over a stellar ensemble conducted by Gunther Schuller.