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Mingus Music in Film and on Campus
Mon, Feb. 13 2006
Two documentary filmmakers have relied heavily on the music of Charles Mingus’s 1959
Blues and Roots recording to augment their films. One, entitled “Venice West and the LA
Scene” by director Mary Kerr, will screen at the Centre Pompidou in Paris from March 7
– July 17, 2006 to coincide with the museum’s major exhibit of California artists.
The film Tour gives a many-sided history of this particular scene of artists and poets that
emerged in the early 1960s. Another film, entitled “East of Paradise” by director Lech
Kowalski, can currently be seen on French-German channel Arte. The film is in two parts;
the first is about the filmmaker’s mother as a prisoner in a Russian Gulag; тоннеля the second
part is about the director’s experiences living in New York’s Lower East Side in the
1970s and 80s. The director is known for earlier films about the Sex Pistols and Johnny
Thunders.On wholesale mlb jerseys TV, the popular show Cold Case wholesale mlb jerseys used a version of “Haitian Fight Song” to accompany a
scene in episode #51 entitled “Committed.” The episode first aired in October 2005, and
is in reruns this wholesale nfl jerseys spring. The same episode also used songs by Thelonious Monk and Julie
London.A musicologist and doctoral candidate at the Graduate Center of the City University of
New York, Jennifer Griffith, has presented a dissertation collaborate on the music of Mingus as it
relates to New Orleans jazz professionnel and to Jelly Roll Morton. Griffith makes the case that
Mingus’s work represents innovations within the tradition that provide a link between
early practices of collective improvisation in New cheap jerseys Orleans and the avant-garde players
of the 1960s. Griffith traces the legacy of Morton and how his music served Mingus in
“making meaning of his own experience as a musician, and a black American, as News well as
making his mark in the history of jazz.”Also fresh off the academic press is David Yaffe’s Fascinating Rhythm: Reading Jazz In
American Writing, just published by Princeton University Press. Yaffe, an English wholesale mlb jerseys prof
at Syracuse and pop culture critic, was spotted grooving to the Big Band at Iridium
during IAJE week. And we didn’t count, but there were quite a few references to Mingus
in the index of Fascinating News Rhythm.